AR-15 Mastery of Arms Class Saturday June 29

Class is full. If you would like to be on a wait list or would interested in a future class, please email up at

So, you own an AR. And you think you shoot pretty good, especially off the bench or at less than 25 yards. Do you know how to quickly and efficiently fix a malfunction and get back on target? Can you shoot accurately from odd positions? Under a car, sitting in a chair, laying on your side? Could you make that critical head shot off hand on a bad guy in a hostage situation? Do you know your offset? Most importantly can you keep you gun running and make you hits regardless of the situation?

This is not a tactical Rambo class. No tactical gear required. No 30 round mag dumps. We will concentrate on getting the hits and running the gun. A good 2-point sling, 3-5 magazines, belt mag carrier or dump bag is recommended, minimum of 250 rounds-223 or 5.56.(bring extra). No green tip or bi-metal rounds. We will be shooting some steel, so no steel case ammo. Knee and elbow pads, light weight, durable flexible gloves will make some shooting positions a lot more comfortable. What ever sight system you have; we will work with. We will be shooting from 10 yards to 300 yards

Class materials and drills are based on materials and training from Tom Givens, Chris Cerino and host of instructors from the former Front Sight Institute.

Class time is 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM. We will be using the Multi-Purpose Bay and the 300-yard range.

Bring a lunch and plenty of liquids. This will be busy day.

For questions please contact us at:    Class fee is $100.00 Payment is made through our Stripe credit card feature.

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